The Author

I am a father to four children and when they were growing up it gave me great pleasure to introduce them to the game of chess. They would come to recognise the different pieces and their moves, but we were often frustrated at the lack of tools to help make the learning more engaging to a young mind. Books of algebraic notation and technical jargon could not capture their imagination and never appealed to my own motivation for playing in the first place.

I felt that the intrigue, excitement and manipulation of a game like chess deserved to be brought to life through storytelling.

And so I wrote Your Move.

Writing the book brought me an immense amount of enjoyment. The privilege of working with such talented illustrators who helped me to share the world of the ‘Chequered Kingdom’ was a delight. I am, by no means, a chess fanatic but I do think that encouraging active minds through play and reading helps young children to become mentally challenged and socially developed. The words and pictures in this book aim to stimulate and build upon a general understanding of chess whilst telling an adventure tale of sibling rivalry, loyalty and warfare.

To think that another parent may be able to sit with their children, as I did, and share the magic and majesty of this timeless game in a way that excites and delights them makes me extremely proud.

Welcome to the Chequered Kingdom… Enjoy…

Graham Morris